October 18, 2022


In vitro fertilization (IVF) has become one of the more widely used and most effective types of assisted reproductive technology. With many leaps and bounds, science has come with assisted reproductive technology, and the success depends heavily on a variety of factors. While undergoing such intense treatment, it's paramount to do everything possible to ensure that the process is a success.

Acupuncture can help improve the success rate of IVF and the overall success rate of a pregnancy occurring in a variety of ways. More and more people are incorporating acupuncture as a part of their overall pregnancy and fertility journey to help them not only increase their chances of success but also de-stress and have quality, calming moments throughout their process. 

How Acupuncture Improves Pregnancy Rates and IVF Outcomes

In one of our previous blog posts, Acupuncture and Fertility, we explore how acupuncture can improve the rates of fertility in both men and women by improving the quality of eggs for women by ensuring healthy blood flow to the ovaries as well as improving sperm count and mobility for men.

When it comes to IVF in particular, healthy and improved blood flow is extremely important because increasing uterine blood flow strengthens the uterine lining, which means more likelihood that an embryo will implant in the uterus wall while also reducing the possibility of a miscarriage. 

Another important factor in obtaining and maintaining a healthy pregnancy is fostering a healthy, calm, stress-free environment – your body -- for the baby. Intense feelings of stress or anxiety can substantially decrease the success rate of pregnancy, via IVF or naturally, and potentially lead to a miscarriage.

Scheduling regular acupuncture appointments will allow you to create a safe space to decompress, focus on self-care, and enjoy the calming benefits that acupuncture provides. The act of acupuncture releases endorphins naturally, allowing your mind and body to fully relax.

When to Start Acupuncture During IVF Treatment

As we all know, timing is everything when trying to conceive. To better prepare your body for pregnancy, it's best to get all the physical benefits from acupuncture started prior to your IVF treatments so that your body is primed for success. Increasing your blood flow, strengthening your uterine wall, and bringing your body balance before IVF will help improve the rate of success by already creating the best environment for an embryo. Your body releases healthy blood cells, and hormones due to acupuncture, which also helps improve the overall quality of your eggs.

Therefore, we genuinely recommend clients start acupuncture about 4-12 weeks prior to egg retrieval. We also recommend that men come in about four weeks prior so that they can receive the benefits that acupuncture has on increasing sperm count and overall sperm quality.

There's never a bad time to start acupuncture, no matter where you are on your journey, and our team is always here to answer your questions and help develop a roadmap for you to optimize your results. We're excited to help you and be a part of this journey. 

Try Acupuncture and Feel Great