Acupuncture At Be Well

Acupuncture puts your mind and body into balance and allows for your body to heal itself.

At Be Well Acupuncture, we go beyond the typical acupuncture treatment process by recommending lifestyle and dietary adjustments for the parts of your body and mind that have fallen out of their natural balance. We don’t assume a mind-body separation. Instead, we know that everything from our emotional and spiritual health to our physical body and our mental health is connected.

And when we are not feeling our best the changes we make need to respect that connection between mind, body and spirit. 

By treating these interconnected systems as a whole, Be Well Acupuncture creates the conditions you need for your body to heal itself.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a practice in which thin needles are placed on the body at different locations to provide relief from pains and ailments. This needle-based treatment supports your body’s natural state of balance along with your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Acupuncture works on the root of the problem, whether it's emotional or physical, and that work is the catalyst for change.

How Acupuncture Can Help You?

At Be Well Acupuncture we serve patients who show up to our office with an array of different aches, pains, and challenges. They know relief is possible and they trust us to help them experience it.

And while a patient may arrive at our office complaining of back pain, we treat the whole person and the many intersecting ways that back pain may have developed or persisted. That whole-person approach is what delivers amazing results and it’s what sets Be Well Acupuncture apart.

What Are The Benefits of Acupuncture?

Acupuncture can help:
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Improve metabolism and digestion
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase energy
    • Digestion issues
    • Fertility issues, alone or when used in combination with other treatments 
    • Headaches and migraines, whether chronic or hormonal
    • Painful menstruation, PMS, irregular menses, cramps, and menopausal symptoms
    Acupuncture is often used to treat:
  • Pain in the back, neck, shoulders, knees, and so elsewhere
  • Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
  • Sleep issues
  • Allergies, when received one season ahead of your typical allergy season
  • Acupuncture gives the body what it needs and helps you achieve a state in which your body can heal itself naturally. 

    Simply put: It brings the body back into balance.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    I’m afraid of needles. Does acupuncture feel like a typical needle?

    If you experience anxiety or fear when it comes to medical procedures or needles (this fear is called Trypanophobia) you should know that acupuncture pins do not feel like traditional needles.
    The needles we use in acupuncture treatments are hair thin and barely felt.

    And while some patients experience a pinch at times, you may find the sensation relaxing and many of our patients actually fall asleep during acupuncture. (And don’t worry, we don’t mind it at all!)

    Does acupuncture hurt? Is it really painful?

    While a pinching sensation is possible, some patients don’t report even that mild sensation. And at Be Well Acupuncture, we know that acupuncture is never going to hurt nearly as much as your back pain hurts right now. 

    Can I get acupuncture if I’m pregnant?

    Yes. You can get acupuncture if you’re pregnant and treatment can actually help with symptoms like morning sickness, pain, and water retention. 

    Be Well Acupuncture uses acupuncture to make it more comfortable to be pregnant and to help you prepare your body for labor and delivery. 

    Does cupping leave marks?

    If you receive cupping with your acupuncture treatment you might wonder if you’ll have lasting marks. These marks tend to fade at a different rate for each client but the cups we use in our treatments can leave marks for up to 7-10 days, with them typically fading in 3-5.   

    If you do discolor, the marks will not be permanent.

    But don’t worry: While it looks like a bruise, it does not feel like a bruise and most patients feel an immediate change in muscle tightness from cupping.

    How many acupuncture treatments will it take to see results? 

    The number of treatments it takes will vary from person to person with some patients experiencing relief after one session and others will need multiple treatments to see a change.   

    Some factors that affect how and when you see results include your age, how long the ailment has been present, and the severity of the ailment.  Be Well Acupuncture develops your treatment plan based on your individual needs and will be discussed after a full health history intake is completed. 

    Acupuncture is not a quick fix solution to physical or mental symptoms. It is used as a maintenance measure that you use in combination with other self-care and lifestyle habits. 

    Acupuncture ideally should be used as a first treatment option and not a last resort.  The more chronic a condition the longer it may take to treat.  If you are suffering the sooner you make the appointment, the the sooner you start feeling your best. Cara will come up with a treatment plan based on your individual needs.

    Can I do other treatments (medicine, chiropractic, workout, yoga while getting acupuncture treatments regularly?

    Yes. These therapies and approaches are a great well to complement your acupuncture treatment.  

    There are no major contraindications with medications, though blood thinners can increase the chances of bruising with acupuncture and cupping. 

    Can my kids get acupuncture?

    Yep, kids love it! 

    How much does acupuncture cost? Do you take insurance? 

    Be Well Acupuncture is an out of network provider.  Please call the office at 732-630-0360 after verifying your out of network acupuncture benefits with your insurance company for the most accurate pricing.  

    Do you take health savings/flex spending accounts? 

    Yes! Use it before you loose it.  Most health spending accounts and flex spending accounts go unused and expire at the end of the year.