December 23, 2022


Give Yourself the Gift of a Strong Immune System

It’s that time of year for holiday parties, family get-togethers, and spreading cheer. But sometimes, along with spreading cheer, we can unknowingly spread viruses and germs. Winter is not only the season for hot chocolate and gingerbread houses but also the time of year when our immune system is compromised most easily. Those wintery winds cause our blood vessels to constrict, meaning our bodies get lower levels of white blood cells than it needs to fight off infections effectively. This is one of the many reasons why the common cold, flu, and COVID-19 run rampant during this time of year. Plus, the colder weather means more and more people are flocking to indoor spaces such as shopping malls.

Our Be Well shop has plenty of products and supplements that can boost your immune system and help fend off viruses for the rest of the season.

Synergy Vitamin C

If our body contracts a virus or infection, our body begins to deplete vitamin C, essential to strengthen our immune system. Cymbiotika’s Synergy Vitamin C not only provides the body with the boost in Vitamin C needed to fight off colds and other viruses, but it also contains biotin to help support healthy skin, nails, and hair growth. Bamboo silica is also added to boost collagen production, healthy cell function, and build strong connective tissue.

Elderberry Defense

While not spoken about too often, elderberry is a powerful and secret weapon in immune defense and support. Elderberries are rich in antioxidants and a potent natural antiviral used to help strengthen the immune system and fight off infections. They also have a great berry taste, making this our favorite go-to for all-year-round immune support.


Zinc is a vital nutrient for our bodies, playing a significant part in several metabolic processes within our bodies, from reducing inflammation to healing wounds to boosting our immune systems. It even helps with your sense of taste and smell, which can help when it seems like we can’t smell anything when we’re stuffy from a cold. Zinc is not naturally produced in our bodies, although it plays a significant role in our overall health. So, it’s essential to ensure that we get our recommended dose of zinc from our foods as well as supplements.

D3 + K2 + Coq10

Cymbiotika created a D3 and K2 combined supplement to provide a powerful supplement for healing and to help ensure the benefits associated with each supplement last longer. D3 is vital for the cardiovascular system and helps promote better energy in the body. K2 allows the benefits of D3 to last longer in the body. Plus, Cymbiotika’s D3 is the world’s only Vegan and Vegetarian Society-registered plant-sourced Vitamin D3 ingredient in the world.

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