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These capsules can be used interchangeably with it’s powder version Emotional Balance.  This classic formula is used to help calm the mind and body, reduce anxiousness and make you feel happier.  This formula can be used as needed in moments of stress or taken daily to prevent moments of stress.  This formula can also be paired with Four Substance and used to regulate and balance the menstrual cycle.  If pairing with Four Substances, Free & Easy Wanderer will be taken during the PMS time of the month, ideally 5-7 days before bleeding starts.  While menstruating no herbs will be taken, and then following menstruation Four Substances will be taken for 5 days following the period.
The best time to take Free & Easy Wanderer is :– Combatting overwhelming stress– Easing mental tension– PMS emotions– Calming Irritability– Cycle regulating when paired with Four Substances


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