Cymbiotika’s Zinc Complex is a blend of three forms of Zinc, all backed by clinical data providing superior absorption and utilization. We also added Copper and Selenium, two essential elements that work synergistically to support multiple functions in the body. Copper and Zinc work together in processes such as immune system function, nervous system function, and healthy metabolism. They act as antagonists; When levels of one decrease, the other increases. Additional studies indicate copper supplementation with Zinc helps balance the absorption of both nutrients. Cymbiotika is confident that our new mineral complex is the most advanced zinc, copper, selenium formula to date.

Zinc is an essential trace mineral required for optimum health. It is responsible for multiple metabolic processes including cellular function, sexual development, reproductive function, cognitive function, and immune system function. Zinc is also an essential component of many enzymes involved in the metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids.

Recent studies show that a deficiency in zinc leads to symptoms such as hair loss, lack of alertness, and a reduced sense of taste and smell. Zinc cannot be produced within the body therefore we must get it from our food or through supplementation. That being said, not all zinc supplements are equal. In fact, most Zinc supplements sold on the market are not readily absorbed or well tolerated.


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